Twelve years ago, as our large family was growing up and their demands were on the wane, we thought it would be fun to have a new hobby… and IvyLane Labradoodles was born.

 We have always loved dogs but not so much the shedding. Many hours of research, networking and visiting experienced breeders, we finally decided on our first Australian Labradoodle. With my background as a nurse in Maternal Child Health and high- risk obstetrics, breeding quality puppies was a natural and fun transition.

While breeding is fun and rewarding, it is not for the faint of heart. We have found that to do it right, it is expensive, labor intensive (24-7) and very demanding. Over the years, we have become experts on the exciting subjects of canine genetics, reproduction, and nutrition and, the not so exciting, subjects of waste management, supply acquisition and veterinary accounts payable.

Our Mommas whelp their puppies in a well-lit, climate controlled large room adjacent to our kitchen and family room.  (we have come a long way from our first litter in our laundry room!)   We are now licensed by the state of Pennsylvania and have two full time employees.  What started on a whim, has grown and developed into a high quality breeding program that is known nationwide.  It is our passion and focus and besides our own children (and now grandchildren), the most impactful thing we have ever done.

With great joy, we have bred, birthed and  placed over 1000 puppies mostly on the East Coast. We like to think that we have significantly contributed to each of our family's health and happiness and for this we are eternally grateful.  ​​​​​​
Sometimes you just have to give up and
ENJOY the moment